Introduction: When it comes to safeguarding your equipment and materials, you don’t want to compromise on safety. Being able to rely on containers that comply with IP55 certification is essential to guarantee maximum resistance to water, dust and humidity.


1. What is IP55 Certification?
2. Dust Protection
3. Water Protection
4. Benefits of IP55 Certification in Alstora Containers
5. Conclusions

What is IP55 Certification?

IP55 certification is an internationally recognized standard of protection. The initials “IP” stand for “Ingress Protection,” and the number “55” represents the degree of protection provided by the container.

Dust Protection

The first number, “5,” indicates the level of protection against dust. A rating of 5 means that Alstora containers are completely sealed, preventing the entry of harmful dust. It ensures that your items are safe from damage caused by dust.

Water Protection

The following number, “5,” relates to water protection. This level of protection means that Alstora containers are designed to repel water from any direction. Whether it’s heavy rain, splashes, or sprays, or humid places, your equipment will remain dry and secure.

Benefits of IP55 Certification in Alstora Containers

IP55 certification ensures maximum safety for your belongings both during your outdoor excursions and in dusty and humid industrial environments. Whether you are planning a rainforest hike or need anti-dust and anti-moisture containers for storing your materials Alstora will protect your materials.
IP55 certification is synonymous with durability, allowing the containers to withstand adverse conditions and wear, ensuring that your equipment and your belongings remain intact over time.


When it comes to safeguarding your materials, IP55 certification makes all the difference. Alstora containers not only meet this standard but exceed it. By choosing Alstora, you choose maximum protection. IP55 certification ensures that your belongings are safe from dust and water, regardless of the challenges nature may present and the location in which you will store the containers. Invest in the protection of your equipment by choosing IP55-certified Alstora containers.