Zero Energy compound. Reinvigorated, certified and non-toxic resins. Entirely recyclable at the end of the product’s life. Excellent shockproof performance even at low temperatures.


EPDM gasket integrated in the lid. The containers are IP55 certified:  water-, mould- and dust-resistant as well as smell-safe.

Double material closing latches: optimal handling, secure grip, and integral locking.

Rounded and reinforced corners: to ensure better protection from shocks while giving a touch of elegance.

Insulating non-slip rubber feet.

Integrated slots on the case and on the lids intended to accommodate ropes, tie down straps and / or padlocks for added security.

Industrial | Logistics

Order, protection and sturdiness.

In the workplace, the rationalization and organization of spaces are essential to create an efficient, productive and comfortable working environment. The different sizes of Alstora containers allow you to tidy up anywhere, from small to large surfaces, ensuring maximum protection for the stored content. The container is in fact isolated from the environment all around: the gasket and the integral lid prevent the entrance to any external agents, preserving the integrity of the contents: oxidation, dust, parasites will be just a distant memory. They also inhibit leaks / passage of substances to the outside, for example preventing odors from escaping.

The sturdy construction is designed to withstand drops and stacking and last a long time. The impact-resistant polycarbonate lid offers clear visibility of the contents and allows the containers to be stacked. When not in use, they can be nested stacked, to reduce overall dimensions.

Thanks to our Custom Laser Design service, the containers can also be customized with logos or writings. Find out more in the “Configurator” section.
Customizable. 100% Made in Italy. Guaranteed for 10 years.

Home | Garage

Protect the things you care about.

Containers can make the difference between an organized house and one full of boxes crammed in the most unexpected places. Keeping the stored content in order and protecting it at the same time is no longer a “mission impossible”.

Thanks to the super-resistant closing latches, and the EPDM gasket running along the entire perimeter of the lid, Alstora containers can be stored in particularly humid environments such as cellars or garages where parasites or insects may live. It is also possible to store delicate items in complete safety: clothes, household linen, books, records, binders and, more in general, everything that is precious to us. No more oxidized, dusty or mouldy objects. In addition, any odors which may be caused for example by shoes, worn clothing, or pet food, will remain trapped without causing unpleasant spills.

Even with daily use, the containers will be neither damaged nor worn.

Last but not least, the containers can be stacked both full and empty, to minimize the overall dimensions.

Alstora means functionality, ergonomics, ease of movement and rational organization of the spaces.

Customizable. 100% Made in Italy. Guaranteed for 10 years.

Pets | Gardening

Protection guaranteed 365 days a year.

Alstora containers are designed to withstand not only bad but extreme weather conditions and sudden changes in temperature (from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C). That’s why they can be stored outdoor 365 days a year, regardless of the weather conditions.

The super-resistant latches together with the EPDM gasket will protect the contents stored inside the container and, at the same time, they will prevent any odors (i.e., the one caused by pet food) from venting out.

Oxidized, dusty or mouldy items will be just a distant memory.

Alstora containers are stackable and space-saving: they nest inside one another when empty; when full, they can be stacked for an orderly and functional storage. Integrated slots both in the lid and in the base are intended to accommodate fastening straps, padlocks and / or seals.

Customizable. 100% Made in Italy. Guaranteed for 10 years.

Outdoor Living | Sports

Maximum resistance to bad weather conditions.

Reliable equipment is a must in all outdoor activities. Alstora containers are the best ally in terms of safe storage even in situations of prolonged exposure to air and humidity. Even if left in the winter weather or in the scorching summer heat, you will find the contents exactly as they were when they were stored. Zero mold, zero parasites, zero dust.

Alstora containers can be taken by the pool or in the pouring rain: the integral locking prevents water from infiltrating even in the event of splashes / jets or heavy rain.

Thanks to the different sizes and the possibility of stacking them, both full and empty, Alstora containers can be allocated anywhere in your van, in your camper or in your caravan. Thanks to the special slots on the lid and on the bases, they can be fastened with ropes or cables so that, your gear stays put when you are on the go. They can also be closed with padlocks.

The labels applied on both sides, long and short, are also resistant to extreme weather conditions and they have a special blank space where you can write any information you want.

Customizable. 100% Made in Italy. Guaranteed for 10 years.

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