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Alstora is synonymous with safe storage. The sturdy containers hold up to the strictness of extreme and long-lasting storage.

From industrial, outdoor to domestic use, the Alstora range of containers is the perfect choice for the meticulous organizer who demands the very best in heavy-duty storage and protection

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  • AL46000GRG


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Made in Italy.

Alstora is Zero Energy.

Alstora containers are made with a compound we named Zero Energy.
Reinvigorated, certified, and non-toxic resins which, at the end of the product’s life cycle, can be entirely recycled. .
The technical characteristics and the performance are not at all compromised.

Planet Friendly philosophy.

Plaber’s Planet Friendly philosophy translates into constant and growing attention to the environment, which permeates the entire production process, from design to production:
the use of environmentally friendly compounds, the search for local suppliers, the increasing investments in renewable energy sources in order to obtain “Zero Energy” products at 360 degrees.
Zero environmental impact, clean and, above all, self-produced energy.

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